Rack Safety Training

Pallet Racking Safety Awareness & Inspection Course

Annual rack safety inspections by a SEMA approved rack inspector (SARI) are recommended. It is just as important that your employees know how to conduct regular internal inspections. This will help to keep the racking equipment in a safe working condition and alert you to any necessary repairs.

How can we help?

Our practical, hands-on training programme will provide your staff with the basic knowledge of safe storage techniques to help ensure a safe working environment throughout the year.

This half-day course provides advice and guidance to allow staff to carry out basic rack inspections in line with SEMA guidelines.

What is covered?

• Legal responsibilities
• Responsibilities – corporate and individual
• Damage assessment
• Causes and outcomes of damage
• Reduction/prevention of damage
• Legal compliance with the PUWER 1998 regulations
• The key components and roles of racking, shelving and mezzanines
• Essential safe storage techniques
• What to look for when it comes to racking, damage and safety hazards
• The importance of load signs
• Key methods to prevent damage to racking, shelving and mezzanines
• Effective reporting procedures

The key benefits

• The course is run by a SEMA registered and trained inspector.
• Employees become aware of the potential hazards in their daily working life and gain confidence from being more in control of their safety. This leads to a safer working environment, minimising exposure to risk and potential incidents.
• By identifying damage at the earliest possible stage, rack repair costs and damage to goods can be minimised.
• A 3 year Certificate of Competency is issued to each candidate on successful completion of the course.

What do you need to provide?

A suitable room equipped with a screen that is compatible with a laptop.

Want to book a training session?

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